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860 FM 517, Alvin, TX 77511



M-F 7:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm










while you wait in an

air conditioned facility  

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 Tubing & Metric Hydraulics, Inc was founded by Charles D. Pate in 2001.  Our experience in the oil & gas industry as well as the hydraulic industry since 1974 has made Tubing & Metric Hydraulics into a well respected company in the industry. 

Tubing & Metric Hydraulics specializes in supplying and servicing the oilfield industry with hydraulic & industrial hoses and fittings as well as the industrial, agricultural, refinery and shipping industries.  Our facilities consist of 13,800 square feet located in Alvin, Texas.  


The pictured power unit is configured with:

·   Hatz diesel air cooled engine

·   Kawasaki 40 GPM 3,000 WP PSI

    hydraulic pump with adjustable

    swash plate

·   Dual plumbed to run a separate

    machine without disconnect

·   Hydraulic powered cooling fan

·   Inline flow-meters to easily  

    monitor flow

·   Hydraulic hose & fittings

·   Complete with load test certs

·   Forklift ports on each side for

    easy loading/unloading

·   Hydraulic oil tank (60 gallons)

·   Fuel tank (38.5 gallons)


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