Tubing and Metric Hydraulics

Tubing & Metric Hydraulics, Inc was founded by Charles D. Pate in 2001.  Our experience in the oil & gas industry as well as the hydraulic industry since 1974 has made Tubing & Metric Hydraulics into a well respected company in the industry. 

 Tubing & Metric Hydraulics specializes in supplying and servicing the oilfield industry with hydraulic & industrial hoses and fittings as well as the industrial, agricultural, refinery and shipping industries.  Our facilities consist of 13,800 square feet located in Alvin, Texas.  We stock a vast array of well known industry proven manufacturer’s products along with our 24 hour on call service to the local area customers, onshore/offshore oil rigs & platforms, refinery locations, shipping yards & ports, agricultural, on site locations as well as in house service calls.

 Tubing & Metric Hydraulics not only has the products and service to handle our customer’s requirements but also a knowledge of our customer’s requirements due to our experience in their industry.  Our procedures are developed in an ongoing process by the innovative ideas of our people.